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We love our Tasteocracy members, and it is a great feeling to know that they like testing with us.

It’s fun and quick and the staff is very professional. Easy to schedule and directions are great!
— Elizabeth K.
I had a great experience … and would recommend it to everyone!!
— Cindy F
I love earning money for testing new food ideas, and I like being able to go into a store and see something that I thought was going to be a success.
— Sharon E.
Love it! Don’t always get chosen, but just be honest in your screenings, and it can be SO fun to taste different foods and give an opinion — and for a nice compensation!
— Sherrie L.
I enjoy this. I get the chance to try different products, give my opinion and get paid for it. My teenager also likes the idea of making some money.
— Michelle G.
It is interesting to test different foods and see what may be coming to stores.
— Joe W.
It is easy to register, test great products and get a little spending money!
— Jannie S.
Very friendly and professional staff, very organized and timely in conducting their food testings. I also like using the tablet [iPad] for answering questions and noting comments. Fun variety of foods and packaging to comment on. The focus group leaders are very pleasant and engaging!
— Judy M.
When I first discovered Tasteocracy, I was excited to earn a little extra money. Now I just enjoy being a part of a testing community that enables us to actually see the products we’ve tested coming out on the grocery shelves!.
— Marsha D.B.
First and foremost, it always feels good to do something that benefits our church (knowing many others are benefiting as well from the other participants). Tasteocracy is highly organized, very clear about expectations, and the workers seem pleasant.
— Kristi B.
I love food, and I like trying new things and giving my opinion. The staff is very friendly, and the tests are organized and well run. They get you in and out without a lot of wasted time.
— Pam C.
I think it is great to get to eat really good food and get paid too! This is food that the manufacturers have worked really hard to perfect. I always look forward to the food!
— John K.
I enjoy being part of a grass roots effort to improve the quality of food items offered for sale to the consumer.
— Cynthia F.
When I’m asked for my detailed opinion on why I like or dislike some aspect of the product I’m testing, I take it very seriously. Why? A lot of time and money is put into developing a product, and I’m being trusted to participate in this process and am being compensated for it. There are a lot of products on the shelves that one can bellyache about. So here is my opportunity to be honest and raise the level of customer discourse on product quality and standards.
— Judy C.