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Fundraising with FPI

Looking for an opportunity to help support your non-profit? FPI Testers can be part of the solution for your organization. Since 1990, FPI Testers have raised over $3.2 million for many non-profit organizations through testing with FPI.

How it Works:

Joining FPI Testers as a fundraising organization is easy and only requires contact information for the organization, an individual point of contact, and a completed W9 form with the EIN# of the non-profit.

  • Once your organization is signed up, any FPI Tester may raise funds for you simply by choosing your organization in their fundraising profile.
  • FPI Testers who have chosen your organization raise funds for you every time they participate in a test with FPI.
  • FPI Testers have the option to allocate a portion ($10) or the entirety of their testing payment to their chosen organization. 
  • FPI Testers may raise funds for only one organization at a time. 
  • Kids are eligible to be fundraisers too!
  • Once your organization has raised at least $50, we'll mail a check to the address on file.

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Have more questions?

See our Fundraising FAQ and checkout these strategies for maximizing your fundraising efforts with FPI!