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Now Receive Test Notifications and Reminders By Text!

We get it…not everyone likes email. Some of you don’t even know what tomorrow’s schedule will look like, so you can’t possibly schedule for a test 2 weeks in advance! You want to hear about tests in a more timely manner. We’ve got you covered!

Sign up to receive text messages from Tasteocracy, and in addition to our weekly Monday email, you’ll also receive test notifications for tests which haven’t filled and are taking place within the next day or two. These notices only go out to people who have opted in to receive texts. You’ll also receive reminders of your upcoming tests on your mobile device!

Don’t worry…you won’t hear from us every day, or even every week. We will NEVER send you texts which are not relevant to you.

So give it a try! Signing up is easy, and if you decide later that you don’t want texts, opting out is as easy as the push of a button.

Here’s how to sign up:

  1. Log in to your Tasteocracy account at www.Tasteocracy.com
  2. Navigate to Profile and then to Contact Preferences
  3. Enter your mobile phone with area code (if we don’t already have it).
  4. Select “Yes” to receive text messages from Tasteocracy, then click Submit.
  5. Within 30 minutes, you’ll receive a text confirming your desire to receive texts from Tasteocracy. Reply YES to this message, and you’ll begin receiving important and timely texts!

Sign up today, so you’ll hear about great testing opportunities not available to everyone else! For more information, click here to read our Texting Terms and Conditions.