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Need Some Help With Your Account?

Sometimes you may need to change something in your account, and may be unable to do it yourself. Instead of contacting us for assistance, it seems easier to just create a new account. Is this acceptable?

In a word: No. There is never a good reason to create a new account for yourself, and doing so can create problems for you and us.

If you ever experience any problem with your account, including

  • Needing a password change
  • Changing your name or address
  • Adding or removing a tester or member in your household
  • Changing something in your profile that you’re not sure how to do
  • Not remembering your username, email or password for an account you had several years ago

the best thing to do is to contact our Customer Care department, and let us help. That’s what we’re here for!

You do not need to be logged in to chat with a representative online. And you can call us any time at (763) 354-2776.

It is much better to let us locate and update your existing account, instead of creating a new account. Multiple accounts in our system can cause unforeseen problems for both you and us.

So take advantage of our great Customer Care team, and let us help you with anything you need!