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Frequently Asked Questions about Fundraising with FPI

What is FPI? 

Food Perspectives Inc (FPI) is a consumer testing company headquartered in Plymouth, MN. Our role is to collect consumer opinions for local, national and international consumer product companies. These companies need feedback on their products from consumers like you! You can help these companies gain a better understanding of consumer likes and needs by trying their products and giving your opinions. 

How can FPI help my organization? 

FPI Testers (consumers who have opted in to FPI's testing database) may elect to share a portion ($10) or give their entire testing incentive ($25 to $100+) to an organization of their choice. The organization simply needs to be registered as a participating organization with FPI. 

Is my organization a good fit for fundraising with FPI?

One thing to consider about the FPI fundraising program is that it is not an ideal vehicle to raise funds that are time sensitive.  FPI sends checks monthly each time an organization accumulates $50 from donations.  If there are few people testing who are associated with your organization this could take some time to accumulate.  FPI fundraising is best for organizations that have an ongoing need for donations rather than a point in time event. For example, if a particular class is raising funds for a graduation party, we don't recommend using the FPI fundraising program.  It could happen that your funds would not be sent until well after the party was over. However, if the school maintains a fund that can be used for graduation parties for all classes and funds can roll over from one year to the next, then using the FPI fundraising program could help.    

How do I register my organization with FPI? 

Registration is a simple process of submitting a W9 form and a sign up form that requires name, EIN, and mailing address of the organization and a name, telephone number and email address of an individual fundraising contact. Once we receive those two forms, the organization contact will receive an email indicating the organization is active. FPI Testers will immediately have your organization as one of their choices when designating a donation recipient. 

So all I have to do is register and my organization will get funds? 

Once your organization is active, there is nothing more required. However, there are things that you can do as an organization to maximize your earnings. There are no limits on how many FPI Testers may designate you as the recipient organization. By promoting this fundraising tool and encouraging your membership to always include your organization, you can increase your organization's earnings. Take a look at the suggestions collected from participating organizations. We will continue to add to this list. 

How much money can my organization expect to get from a single FPI Tester? 

FPI Testers are generally eligible to test every 60 days. Most tests pay $35, but tests with longer time commitments can pay more than $100. If an FPI Tester designates you as their organization and elects to give you $10 of his testing incentive each time he tests, that would be about $60 per year. If he elects to give you his entire testing incentive, that could be $210 or more. 

How much money can my organization expect to earn?

As you can see from above, as single tester could earn $60 to $210 or more for your organization in a year. Increase the number of FPI Testers who have chosen you as their organization and these funds can really add up! 

What if my membership has questions about FPI and how to test? 

Encourage them to peruse our website. There is information about The Tester Experience and a collection of Frequently Asked Questions about testing. If they still have questions, our Customer Care department is eager to help. We can be reached by phone (763-354-2776) or chat on weekdays between 9am and 9pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.