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Fall Bonus Program for Non-Profits Registered to Fundraise with FPI Testers

Fall Bonus is an incentive to increase the number of people signed up to test with FPI and donate a portion of their testing incentive to your non-profit.  Every new sign up (between September 1st and October 31st each year) with FPI Testers who chooses your organization as their designated non-profit has the chance to earn you bonus money from FPI.  Each time these new sign ups test between September 1st and March 31st) FPI will donate $10 to your non-profit.  This is from FPI and in addition to the amount that the tester has agreed to give to your organization.  PLUS, FPI will donate another $250 to the organization with the greatest number of new sign ups who participate during the fall bonus time frame.  

All non-profits registered to fund raise with FPI are automatically enrolled in the Fall Bonus Program.  All there is to do is encourage new sign ups and encourage them to test!   

Fall Bonus Flyer (PDF)        Fall Bonus Social Media Picture (PNG) 

So how much could Fall Bonus mean to your organization?  Here is one scenario:

  • Each week between September 1st and October 31st, five (5) people new to FPI Testers join and pick your non-profit as their designated fundraising organization.  That is 40 Fall Bonus Eligible testers. 
  • Each of these new sign ups elect to give your non-profit $10 of their testing incentive.   
  • Between September 1st and March 31st, half of these testers participate in 1 taste test or discussion group and half participate in 2 taste tests or discussion groups.  This earns your non-profit $600 of donations from these individuals. 
  • Because they were new sign ups during Fall Bonus, FPI also donates $10 to your non-profit for every participation.  This is an additional $600 donated by FPI. 
  • Let's say you were also the organization with the most new sign ups who also participated in at least one test.  FPI donates an additional $250 for being the Fall Bonus Winner!
  • That is $1450 and does not even take into account the testers you already had participating and donating prior to Fall Bonus.   

Congratulations to the winning fundraising organization from the 2016 Fall Bonus Program:

Robbinsdale ECFE