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FPI EXPRESS Testers - currently seeking:   Men and Women 18-25 year olds with kids.

What is an FPI Express Tester?

An Express tester is a small select group of FPI Testers between the ages of 18 and 65 who are given exclusive access to certain extra testing opportunities.  These exclusive testing opportunities pay an average of $30 per hour and are in addition to regular FPI testing opportunities. Regular testing opportunities will still require that you have not tested in the last 60 days with FPI.Express Tests, only available to our Express Testers, do not have this same requirement. As long as an Express Tester has not tested in the last 8 days, he or she is eligible for any Express Tests that may be available. 

How do I become an FPI Express Tester?

Spots for FPI Express Testers are limited.  When a spot becomes available, the FPI Express Testing Panel Survey will be visible in your available studies list. When you take the qualification survey, you will know at the completion of the survey if your responses to the Express Testing Panel Survey qualify you to be on the panel, however your responses must be reviewed to know if there is a spot for you.  The testing panel needs a very specific demographic composition.  If your responses match the spots that are currently open, we will add you immediately and you will receive a welcome email. If there is not a spot available,  we'll continue to compare the panel to your response and fit you in as soon as a spot opens up.  The welcome to express testing email is your indication that you are on the Express Testing Panel. 
If you try to screen for the FPI Express Testing Panel and find you do not qualify, you will have another opportunity to try to qualify in the next quarter. Always answer truthfully! You never know the specific behavior or attitude that the panel might need!Only one adult per household may be on the FPI Express Testing Panel at a time.

How do I qualify for an Express Test?

Once you are on the panel, when an EXPRESS test is available it will show in your available studies just like other tests that are available to you. They will be clearly labeled as an EXPRESS Test. If we are offering an Express test it will become available on Tuesdays at 12 noon for a test date that Friday, Saturday or Sunday. An email notification will be sent to all FPI Express Testers who did not test the week before, but you don’t have to wait for the email. Check your available studies just after 12 noon on Tuesdays to see if there is one or more Express Tests that week. If there is a test, click on “take the survey” and answer the short screening survey. Most FPI Express Testers will qualify for most Express tests. If you qualify, you will be presented the option to schedule. If you schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with the information about your test. You will receive a reminder email 48 hours prior to the Express test and an automated phone reminder 24 hours prior to the Express test. 

What is it like on test day of an Express Test?

Express Tests will ALWAYS be held at FPI’s Headquarters in Plymouth.  Express Tests will almost always be on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays. Express Tests can be as short as 30 minutes and as long as 75 minutes. For tests 45 minutes or less you will be paid $25. 60 minute tests will pay $30, and 75 minute tests will pay $35. Just like our regular tests, it is a good idea to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your test. However, the check in process will be faster and less extensive at an Express Test.Just like our regular tests, you will be directed at each step of the way. Once checked in, you will be ushered to the testing room. You will be given instructions about how to interact with the product being tested and how to submit your opinions. Once complete, you will receive your check and be on your way!

Express Testing sounds great! Can I always be an FPI Express Tester?

We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience Express Testing and we still need a lot of FPI Testers for our more complex tests, our discussion groups, and our home use tests. Because of this, we limit your participation on the Express Test Panel to one year. Once you have been on the panel for twelve months, you will receive an email letting you know that you are no longer an FPI Express Tester.All this means is that you no longer have access to these extra testing opportunities. Regular FPI testing still needs you! You may join the FPI Express Testing Panel again after one year of just regular testing. If you find that Express Testing is not for you, you may opt out at any time.You can do this by calling our customer care line at 763-354-2776.  You may join the FPI Express Testing Panel again after one year from your opt out date. FPI reserves the right to remove anyone from our Express testing Panel for any reason.
There are some reasons, however, which will result in immediate removal: 
  • Not Showing Up for a Scheduled Test If an FPI Express Tester does not show up for an Express test for which they are scheduled, they will be immediately removed from the panel. The No-show will count towards their regular FPI testing history. All FPI Testers are inactivated from our testing database upon their 4th No-Show to any FPI Test. 
  • 4+ Scheduled Test Cancelations While canceling from a regular FPI test does not negatively affect eligibility for taste tests and home use tests (it can impact discussion group eligibility), it matters if you are an FPI Express Tester! FPI Express Testers will be removed from the panel upon their 4th cancellation.It is important for FPI Express Testers to only schedule for the Express Tests that they feel confident they will attend.
  • Not trying to qualify for an available express test for over six months  We intentionally keep our Express Panel small so that Express Testers have the best opportunity to participate in these extra testing opportunities.  If an Express Tester is not attempting to participate in Express Tests, we will remove that person from the panel so that someone who wishes to test will have the opportunity.