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Our Story 

Food Perspectives Inc., commonly know as FPI, started in 1990 as a one-woman business focused on executing consumer taste tests. Since then, FPI has changed owners, moved locations, and expanded its workforce, capabilities, and access to consumer testers. Through the years and many changes, FPI always has prided itself on a foundation of quality, integrity, and a strong sense of community. 

You are our greatest asset! 

One of FPI's most important assets is our group of FPI Testers. FPI Testers are consumers throughout the Twin Cities Metro who test products for our clients. As an FPI Tester, you help the local, national and global companies that work with FPI to gain a better understanding of their consumers and their products by testing a variety of their products, and sharing your feedback. Your insights combined with those of other FPI Testers are what determine the products that end up on retail shelves everywhere. Find out more about becoming an FPI Tester

Giving back to our community 

Minnesota is not only our headquarters, it is our home. Contributing to the health and well being of our community will help our company stay strong. We give back in many ways including: 
  • Various employee sponsored volunteer and giving campaigns 
  • Pro-bono access to our world-class facility to at least one organization per year 
  • Donation of extra food products to local food shelves 
  • An easy to manage fundraising program open to ALL federally recognized non-profit organizations 
To date, our FPI Testers have donated over $3.2 million to charities, schools, shelters, and food banks. FPI is pleased to offer this simple program that can make a big difference to the non-profits that help make Minnesota a great place to live.